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This has nothing to do with CWC...

So, there's a community for mistful's fanfic. And they're doing group reads! Now's your chance to read and discuss Maya-fic, one chapter at a time! Spread the word to Maya-fans!

Actually, I shall talk about CWC, since I shall be running it next year... eek! But what do people advise I do? I have the dolphinbox (I really hope it's in my schoolbag, because I haven't checked since the last day of school and I haven't technically got a locker any more, so if it's in my locker... I'm pretty sure it's in my bag though) and that'll be useful when I run out of ideas, but running out of ideas implies having ideas to start off with!

Tabby: I shall try and organise it to be on Thursday lunchtimes again, so feel free to descend on us. I'll mention if we couldn't get that day. (And... I can't remember what you said about organising the room :S Who do I have to see again?)

Plus we need to get other members of the club on LJ XD it'd be far more useful. Do you reckon we can convert many of the new year tens? I'm sure everyone from last year will come. If they don't, I'll set someone on them. Any volunteers?

(And I've just picked a random selection of tags... XD)