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I don't know if I told any of you Creative Writers about this summer workshop thing - I think Cat and Shirley may be too old, but you 11s and 10s should be eligible. If you've heard me rant about the NAGTY courses, this is very similar, and ... this is the exciting part....they have one on Creative Writing and Comparative Culture!!!Look! Click here!!! see?!

I don't bold and italic-ify things just for anyone, oh no. Peter Blegvad's amazing, and I have friends who took his creative writing course, and they did things like ghost-hunting and sitting in trees in order to get inspiration for their writings. It's just an amazing course, so if any of you are interested, I would say "apply!".

In fact, if you are around and free on those dates and can afford it, I shall be intensely disappointed in my children if you don't at least get excited about them :p  You're all more than capable of gaining a place on it, anyway!

Much love, chickadees