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Thoughts for the week

Hey lovelies,
In absentia, and with ooooooodles of love, see if you want a writing task - perhaps you'er bored after exams.
Do it as a response (interpret that how you will) to the following:

Thoughts for the week:
1) Does my gaydar seriously need work or is it just that some people are obstinate in refusing to conform to straight or gay behaviour?
2) Is saying 'straight or gay behaviour' homophobic or insensitive? Is it even insensitive, come to that?
3) How much apologising does it take to forgive someone, even if you;re the one that hurt them in the first place?
4) How much more cryptic can I get before somone decides to do me in for fake emo-ism?
5) Shouldn't the study of politics and psychology be intertwined, considering that every framework given for peoples' behaviour within societies and amongst themselves is dependent upon how they view the world, which owes more to psych than pol?
6) Do daisies have inherent cheering properties or is it something humanity imposed upon daisies and their roles in society? Am I the only one who thinks daisies are cheerful, come to that?
7) When one gets muffins and strawberries left outside their room, should one have their foodtaster eat it before diving in and biting?
8) Does the queen ever attempt a funny accent? Is she casually racist in her spare time?

Ahhh, questions.

LOVE YOU ALL, by the way. Give me lots of Shottery gossip, c'mon


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Jun. 9th, 2009 06:50 pm (UTC)
1) I don't know, my gaydar seriously sucks when it comes to anyone who isn't a very very flamboyant gay man...

2) Depends on what you mean by "straight or gay behaviour". If you mean straight behaviour as appearing interested in the opposite sex and gay behaviour as appearing interested in the same sex (which is what I read it as :P) then I don't think it's offensive/insensitive/whatever. If you're talking about more stereotypical stuff like all gay men are flamboyant, all lesbians are ugly and butch etc, then... that's probably homophobic, though I'm actually too tired to decide. (Curse exams! Curse revision!)

3) Enough to make you forgive them?

4) I'm fed up of the cryptic already :P I am very intrigued into your life around about now.

5) ... probably!

6) I have never really given daisies any serious thought.

7) Yes.

8) I wouldn't know...

As for Shottery gossip... The new chemistry teachers are rubbish. We made an awesome KES video for our leavers concert that made the people who made it nearly expelled, made Mzzz Barnett send loads of letters home to their parents that had outrageous lies in them, and now we all hate Mzzz Barnett. We tried to drive our cars around the centre lawn and failed. We tried to push trollies around the centre lawn and failed. Mzzz Barnett called Morrison's and the police about that...

(And I don't know whether you've picked this up from various journal entries, but... me and Jen are kind of going out, and I think a lot of the sixth form have been trying to work out if we are or not.)
Jun. 9th, 2009 08:58 pm (UTC)
"kind of" as in, have been going out for the last 11 months...

I might write a really long answer to the first two questions on my LJ, or I might just sleep. (Considering I had my last exam Monday morning then rushed to and around London, and have my first lesson back tomorrow (Latin at KES) :P.)

Anyways, your cryptic-ness sounds like it might be hugs-worthy, in which case... *sends hugs* and here is a lol-daisy I drew!

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