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As in, when do you guys run creative writing club these days? Migh have a coupl end of september where I#d like t come into school and flail helloooo at everyone.
Love (and some verses) :)


Thoughts for the week

Hey lovelies,
In absentia, and with ooooooodles of love, see if you want a writing task - perhaps you'er bored after exams.
Do it as a response (interpret that how you will) to the following:

Thoughts for the week:
1) Does my gaydar seriously need work or is it just that some people are obstinate in refusing to conform to straight or gay behaviour?
2) Is saying 'straight or gay behaviour' homophobic or insensitive? Is it even insensitive, come to that?
3) How much apologising does it take to forgive someone, even if you;re the one that hurt them in the first place?
4) How much more cryptic can I get before somone decides to do me in for fake emo-ism?
5) Shouldn't the study of politics and psychology be intertwined, considering that every framework given for peoples' behaviour within societies and amongst themselves is dependent upon how they view the world, which owes more to psych than pol?
6) Do daisies have inherent cheering properties or is it something humanity imposed upon daisies and their roles in society? Am I the only one who thinks daisies are cheerful, come to that?
7) When one gets muffins and strawberries left outside their room, should one have their foodtaster eat it before diving in and biting?
8) Does the queen ever attempt a funny accent? Is she casually racist in her spare time?

Ahhh, questions.

LOVE YOU ALL, by the way. Give me lots of Shottery gossip, c'mon

Coming to see everyone

My darlings!
I'm so sorry, was going to skip in to school tomorrow but I realised I have to be at home to sign for things being delivered :(
How fail-ful!!
I'll come by see you at the end of term? OR at half-term, you should all come invade Oxford.
Do it!

Satuvesa! Website! Joyfulness!

So, the new CWC for this year now has a new website! http://satuvesa.createforum.net! I invite all old members to join! :P

Yeah. That's all I had to say. I shall spam friend's pages!

Inspiration needed...badly

Ok, everyone around me is finishing novels, and I want to join in. But to do that I need inspiration and good inspiration to keep me going to finish it. Anyone got any inspirational stuff?

If everyone puts up some inspiration on here, then we could all take a piece and write something with it for the first CWC! Or, you know...I could steal it all and attempt to write something decent for once. Or you could all ignore me moaning, as I'm in a really moany mood :P


The teacher who's in charge of booking places changes fairly regularly, I think - my best bet, Catgirl, woud be to go to the Office (the one nxt door to Miss.Brownhill's office) and see what's what, okay?

Well done on results and things, all of you - and good luck to the rest of you tomorrow, but I REALLY doubt you'[ll need it, you're such bright bright girls. Anyway, let me know when CWC is up and running because I am determined to come and see everyone soon!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 ^ infinity


This has nothing to do with CWC...

So, there's a community for mistful's fanfic. And they're doing group reads! Now's your chance to read and discuss Maya-fic, one chapter at a time! Spread the word to Maya-fans!

Actually, I shall talk about CWC, since I shall be running it next year... eek! But what do people advise I do? I have the dolphinbox (I really hope it's in my schoolbag, because I haven't checked since the last day of school and I haven't technically got a locker any more, so if it's in my locker... I'm pretty sure it's in my bag though) and that'll be useful when I run out of ideas, but running out of ideas implies having ideas to start off with!

Tabby: I shall try and organise it to be on Thursday lunchtimes again, so feel free to descend on us. I'll mention if we couldn't get that day. (And... I can't remember what you said about organising the room :S Who do I have to see again?)

Plus we need to get other members of the club on LJ XD it'd be far more useful. Do you reckon we can convert many of the new year tens? I'm sure everyone from last year will come. If they don't, I'll set someone on them. Any volunteers?

(And I've just picked a random selection of tags... XD)
I don't know if I told any of you Creative Writers about this summer workshop thing - I think Cat and Shirley may be too old, but you 11s and 10s should be eligible. If you've heard me rant about the NAGTY courses, this is very similar, and ... this is the exciting part....they have one on Creative Writing and Comparative Culture!!!Look! Click here!!! see?!

I don't bold and italic-ify things just for anyone, oh no. Peter Blegvad's amazing, and I have friends who took his creative writing course, and they did things like ghost-hunting and sitting in trees in order to get inspiration for their writings. It's just an amazing course, so if any of you are interested, I would say "apply!".

In fact, if you are around and free on those dates and can afford it, I shall be intensely disappointed in my children if you don't at least get excited about them :p  You're all more than capable of gaining a place on it, anyway!

Much love, chickadees

One word things

An automatic writing exercise

Basically like the DolphinBox, but better? Because it's online and it's timed and once you've saved it, you can edit/discard it to your heart's content :) Like Miss.Rutter said (she guest-talked at a couple of the KES CWC evenings), it just clears the fog before you start writing properly.

Lemme know what you think, my lovelies :)



I wrote stuff.
Woo, yayayayyy! Etc

mind you, I still need to do the Postsecret stuff, although I lost my original so I'll have to go choose another one at random and write about it.

KES CWC is coming to an end as well - I now have no place left where I can read out dramatic things to my heart's content! oh noes!!

Anyway, here you are. It's creative writing. About maths.